Monday, November 19, 2007

Magic on Causeway Street

There were a bunch of great vignettes last evening. The Boston Globe's review is here. Click here for the Boston Herald's take.

Bob Coles of Double Take magazine, author of Bruce Springsteen's America and beneficiary of two legendary fundraising concerts at the Somerville Theater, got the dedication for "Jungleland," which remains the highlight of the night. I wrote on an early post here that Clarence's sax solo on "Jungleland" at Fenway Park was otherworldly. Last night's was better than that one.

Some guy proposed to his girlfriend. She got a kiss from Bruce, then "I'll Work for your Love" and "Tunnel of Love," which featured an absolutely blistering guitar solo from Nils Lofgren. "Reason to Believe" and "She's The One" were both better than Hartford (and they were great in Hartford).

Somebody in our area (top row, against the wall, behind the stage; we literally touched the ceiling, several times) had seconds on broccoli and thirds on beans for dinner, then washed it down with beer, if you get my (potent) drift. That experience was actually far worse than the seats. I thought the Saint was going to pass out at one point. Remember the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles? Okay, now enclose it, put yourself slightly above it, and recall from your high school physics class that warm air rises.

Back to sweeter topics.

Here's the setlist from Backstreets:

Radio Nowhere
No Surrender
Lonesome Day
Gypsy Biker
Reason to Believe
Jackson Cage
She's the One
Livin' in the Future
The Promised Land
I'll Work For Your Love
Tunnel of Love
Working on the Highway
Devil's Arcade
The Rising
Last to Die
Long Walk Home
* * *
Girls in Their Summer Clothes
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
American Land
It's always a great night when I hear "No Surrender" and "Jungleland" on my iPod, so I'll chalk it up to something beyond spectacular that I got to hear them live. Such a spectacular night, with such spectacular company (excepting the Boston Beaneater), that I almost don't mind that I do not possess a ticket for this evening.


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Blogger skinke said...

...and it's only 2 weeks until my rendez-vous with the Boss in Oslo. I'm pretty much dying with anticipation, specially as the show will be for 8500 only; must be one of the smallest shows they've done for years:)

Glad to hear you enjoyed your two shows!

10:14 AM, November 19, 2007  
Blogger Jason said...

Jungleland, of course, ends the debate on last night's show. Fantastic.

Not sure what the family budget can stand right now, but it sure seemed like a buyers' market on Causeway Street last night. Real tough not to try again tonight.

2:42 PM, November 19, 2007  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...


Fasten your seatbelt.


I agree on Jungleland. I think tonight is a tougher ticket than last night but I hope you're right.


4:03 PM, November 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:31 AM, October 06, 2008  

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