Saturday, December 17, 2005

The outline progresses...

I sent some, well... random thoughts... to my agents this week... a bit on the plot structure of my new novel.

They thought it had lots of potential, but I still need a real outline, which is no surprise.

Plus they weren't sure if this was one book or two... again, not a surprise, since this was a bunch of random notes on plot structure. Not at all a formal outline, but I'm still kinda pissed that I didn't communicate as clearly as I wanted to communicate.

The whole design was to announce that I'm actually writing again, not sitting on my ass talking about writing. I've accomplished part one of the mission, and part two, the outline, is moving forward.

I referred a friend to my agents a month or so ago, and she queried them earlier this month, so she may have an update when we get together with our spouses and kids and another couple and their son for Christmas lights, beer and pizza this evening. My only suggested menu change is: Can I have bourbon instead of beer?

If you want to read my friend Kelly's blog, she's got great stuff about the earlier parts of the publishing process. She's at the point where I was a couple of years ago: frustrated about not having an agent. That part doesn't last forever. You can check out Kelly's blog at Hang in there, Kelly. When the horse throws you, climb back in the saddle as quickly as you can.

Joe Konrath has a terrific post at the top of his blog about what to expect from publishers. Since I don't have a publisher yet, I can't talk about that... but Joe and I have the same agents, and I can verify from experience that our agents are the absolute best in the business, and world-class human beings on top of that. It's a rare combination in this industry, and Joe and I are both lucky there. Check out Konrath's blog at the links section on the right.

This book I'm working on now has a darker protagonist than the guy in my first novel. The guy in my first novel is pretty dark in the beginning, but he lightens up... this new guy is, well, darker... and right now, he's staying just as dark... the fun I'm having is in trying to make a seriously messed up main character into someone sympathetic.

The other piece of fun is that this is moving, which I didn't necessarily expect to happen.




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