Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another Boss Fan Found!

Or maybe I should entitle this post Thundercrack! This terrific writer named Paul Guyot posts frequently on Konrath's blog. And we all know that Konrath's blog is the place for new(er) writers. So since Konrath links to everybody who links to him, it was easy to find Paul Guyot's website and his blog.

First piece of good news: the guy can write. He's funny. He has good things to say. Guyot is an LA screenwriter who recently relocated to St. Louis. I've never been to St. Louis, but it's very near and very dear to my heart (the saint I married was born there).

Second (and best) piece of good news: He's a Springsteen fan! Now, have I actually corresponded with him? No. But I know he's a Springsteen fan because the title of every single blog post is also the title of a different Springsteen song... I always love to find new Bruce fans out there.

I've linked to Guyot's blog on the righthand side of this page, and you can also get to his website from there.

My friend Kelly Malloy is also a huge Bruce fan. The bonus is that her husband Tim is a huge Johnny Cash fan. It means that we're always guaranteed an interesting conversation or two when we get together, if the conversations about teaching (Kelly and the saint I married both teach), kids (Kelly and Tim have two, the saint and I have 3), writing (I may have mentioned that Kelly and I both write) or cooking (I love to cook; Kelly makes fantastic chocolate truffles).

Since these are Random Thoughts: One of my agents is also a giant Springsteen fan. My friend Eugena Pilek (I sat next to her for four years of high school English, and her novel, Cooperstown, is in bookstores now) is a moderate Bruce fan. Not a fanatic, but she fell in love with Nebraska, so she gets bonus points. She's also a Nick Alicino disciple (see my A rock star, 2 outlaws and an English teacher post below).

My friend Kevin Guilfoile, 2 years ahead of me in high school: Another Nick disciple. Another giant Bruce fan. He once wrote an article proving his Bruce bona fides: He's seen Springsteen perform in 3 different states, including New Jersey. I get partial credit under that scenario: I've seen him in 3 states as well, and I've also made the pilgrimage to the Stone Pony, in Asbury Park. The Pony is famous for a lot of things, but all of them involve Springsteen.

My whole Random Thought(s) pattern is in overdrive tonight: All these writers, who are also Springsteen fans. Or maybe we're all Springsteen fans who are also writers. Why do I find this cool? It's more self-explanatory than anything else.

Which also leads to another Random Thought: Dennis Lehane, another of my favorite writers-- another big Springsteen fan.

By the way, I hate all these colons and double dashes, too, but whatever.

I'd love to know which writers out there are also big Springsteen fans.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of you out here in blog land.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mick and the boys are better.

4:39 PM, December 27, 2005  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

That had to have been Dean. Could only have been Dean, actually.

Good. Glad somebody's reading the blog.

I love Mick and the boys. Just not as much as I love Bruce.

How many miles does the Richard Petty mobile have on it these days?

4:42 PM, December 27, 2005  

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