Saturday, January 27, 2007

Current Events

It's been a good week. Two friends from my prior life are injecting wit and wisdom into cyberspace. Seth Gitell has a few great posts up on his blog in the past few days alone. Dave Guarino has rejoined the blogosphere and landed a new job (and kudos to you, my friend, for keeping the blog up).

I used to pitch Seth and Dave and take their calls when they were covering my clients, and now they've spent time in the crucible doing what I used to do (and what some would say I still do). Seth managed to climb out of the crucible, I should add, but Dave seems to like it in there. Never having been a reporter, my two cents is probably worth less than that, but: life inside the crucible is more fun. Those two blogs are already must-reads for anybody who likes Massachusetts politics. So be sure to stop in and see them often. Things are always interesting with New Hampshire only about 9 inches away.

I've been pretty adamant about not mentioning politics on this blog (this post is an exception to that general rule, but I couldn't resist when news broke that Sam Alito is a Springsteen fan). However, you'll never read the names of any of my former clients up here, because that's the call I made when I launched Random Thoughts. But with Seth and Dave showing such erudition... you might see me chime in on politics a little more. I also have to give them credit for frequently defending their former bosses on their blogs.

On a semi-related note, another friend who remains a reporter, Matt Apuzzo, is breaking all kinds of news for the Associated Press. In the past few days, he's provided stories on Bob Ney's sentencing, and some of the most cogent analysis I've ever read about the Scooter Libby fiasco. His latest, on Ari Fleischer's immunity deal, is here.

On a semi-unrelated note, Elizabeth Krecker is still blabbering on about the Suns. Basketball is no longer my cup of tea (and honestly, it hasn't been since Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ and Walton retired), unless I'm watching Oldest Son play it, and on the rare occasions I watch it on TV, it's to see my Celtics snatch defeat from the hands of victory. Hey, Elizabeth: When do we get to read a post about your black pickup truck?

I'm seeing Bob Seger on Tuesday night with another old friend from my past life. Seger's first tour in years, and even he admits it may be his last.

Finally, I'm happy to report that the end of the manuscript is in sight. No, I haven't hit 80,000 words yet, but I'm very close. I might even be done with the first draft by the end of February.

In a few minutes, the Saint and I are packing up 2 of the 3 kids and heading over to see Kelly Malloy and her hubs, along with our usual crew, one of whom just got back from perhaps my favorite place on Earth. I'm not sure what the Saint just cooked in the kitchen, but it smells delicious and I hope she's bringing it with her.


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Blogger Elizabeth Krecker said... was Seger?

3:28 PM, January 31, 2007  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

Wild. Very wild. And crazy.

6:19 PM, February 01, 2007  

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