Monday, February 05, 2007

A Few Rock and Roll Notes

Sorry I'm late getting to this. Things have been a little hectic in my little corner of paradise.

Last Tuesday, I trekked to Worcester with an old buddy from my prior life... you know, just a couple of political operatives playing rock fans. We met up with a state rep and three other political operatives. In Worcester. For Bob Seger.

Great dinner for six hacks at a divey place where the server couldn't seem to get anybody's order right, but the food was good. One sign we were no longer in our twenties: Six guys at the table. Two beers. Four Diet Cokes. Yeah, I confess. Mine was one of the Diet Cokes, and I think I was the youngest one in the bar.

The Seger concert was wild. First tour in 11 years, and Bob rocked. I stood more than I sat, knew every word, and only hit the men's room when he played a three-fer off the new album. Good thing it was a three-fer, because there were 200 guys ahead of me in line.

It wasn't a Springsteen show, but it was amazing. (You knew that was coming, so don't act surprised.) Seger's voice still sounds the same, thirty years after I first heard it. "Turn the Page" was a chill-inducer. "Night Moves" was cathartic. Seger played for two and a half hours, and then we drove home in a snow squall.

I was in bed by one, then dragged myself out in the morning to take Middle Child to the bus and Daughter to day care (Oldest Son goes to school with the Saint). Work was not easy on Wednesday, but I made it. And yes, I played Seger tunes on my iPod all the way into the office and all the way home.

Next time, I think I'll try it on the weekend. All right. Now you can all tell me I sound old. I might even agree.


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Blogger davidguarino said...

Seger on a weeknight - that's brave Adam. Well done, though. Can't say I'm pleased with the Diet Coke. I mean, you could have one. This is rock and roll...

9:52 PM, February 09, 2007  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

Seger on a weeknight-- in Worcester, Dave.

I will plead guilty on the Diet Coke.

Because, you're right, it's rock and roll.

11:28 AM, February 10, 2007  

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