Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy 2006!

I don't make resolutions.

Well, that's not entirely true. Mostly, I've stopped making them.

In 2003, I resolved to join a gym and to sign with a top literary agent.

I joined the gym on January 3 (about 5 days after I made the resolution), and missed my self-imposed signing deadline by less than a month.

Close enough for me. I'm still going to the gym, by the way. I don't need any more resolutions.

I'd like to have a publishing contract in 2006, but it's not a resolution.

The closest I'll get to an actual resolution is: I'll write another novel in 2006. Whether I get the entire first draft done is a function of how much time I spend on this outline, but right now, I'd bet good money that I'll finish at least a first draft.

Either way, 2005 went by a whole lot faster than 2004 did. I know, 2004 had more days, but still, I feel like 2005 has just begun, and here I am, with 2006 right here.

It's an hour and fifty seven minutes away as I write this sentence.

So where did 2005 go?

It was a terrific year. Here are a couple of highlights:

1. I made a bunch of new friends.
2. I spent more time with my kids than I did in 2004 or 2003 or 2002 or 2001.
3. Ditto: I spent more time with the saint. (Tim can cue the music any time.)
4. Everybody in my family is healthy.
5. I got a new job. My colleagues are wonderful.
6. The saint got a new job. She loves it.
7. I made a lot of progress toward selling my book (OK, my agents did most of that work, but I did do an actual New York meeting with one of my agents and a publisher and an editor, and the meeting resulted in fantastic feedback about the book).
8. I started another book.
9. I saw four Springsteen concerts: 2 in Boston (5th row at the Orpheum, from the drop line, once at the FleetCenterTDBankNorthGardenWhateverthehelltheycallthearenanow); 1 in Albany; 1 in Providence.
10. The Saint and I saw our first U2 concert. Yeah, it was cool. It wasn't a Bruce concert, but it was better than anything but a Bruce concert (the saint would disagree).
11. I took 2 full weeks of vacation for the first time since 1999.

2005 will be a tough, tough year to top. And I can't wait to do it.

Happy 2006, everybody.




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