Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Joys of the Season include Video!

So... Christmas... I love it.

I'm on vacation all week. First Christmas Vacation in years. Getting good writing time and some outlining done on the project. End of writing discussion for the day.

Let's talk Video. Who knew Santa would be such a great video guy?

I guess I should have clued in: He's fat, so he probably sits around watching DVDs 364 or so days every year.

Anyway: The Saint got me the new Call of Duty 2 Big Red One game. Yes, I confess, I love the WWII first person shooters. I have 2 MOH games, one Brothers in Arms, and both CODs... And they're great.

I got the Saint two U2 DVDs and a U2 CD. She loves Bono like I love Bruce. 'Nuff said.

Oldest Son got an iPod and a cell phone. Middle Child got a bike and a karaoke machine. They shared the seriously addictive From Russia with Love...PS2 game, not DVD... which they play all the time. Middle Child learned how to ride his bike in less than 15 minutes. It took me a couple of summers and a lot of crashes (a telephone pole and at least 4 trees).

Daughter got a Dora the Explorer DVD, which she's watched 137 times or so. Yes, everybody got books and clothes, too. It wasn't all junk food.

All the kids were terrific all through the holidays. All the kids are terrific now. The Saint is always terrific. She puts up with my need to write. OK, really. Enough about writing.

I need to hit the gym. I haven't been there since last Friday evening. It's been 6 days. I like to go every other day. One of the benefits of working out is that my brain goes into overdrive, which leads to: Writing! Seriously, I don't want to talk about writing today. I want to talk about lazy stuff like PS2, and eating bad food. By "bad," I mean, "delicious but with limited or no health benefits."

We ate 3 masterpieces at my sister's place: Seafood on Christmas Eve (Nantucket scallops my parents dug themselves, chowder, clams, mussels and 3 kinds of shrimp). King crab legs and beef tenderloin on Christmas Day. Fresh pasta with sausage, home-made meatballs and my Dad's bracciole on the day after. I had seconds on the meatballs and bracciole. I wanted fourths. I also made a serious dent in the Knob Creek I brought to my sister's place. Wisely, I believe, I left the remainder in Vermont. I don't remember the vegetables, but they were tasty, for vegetables.

The only sad Christmas story this season: My daughter is terrified of Santa. She's a little nervous about anybody who comes into the house while she's asleep, even if he's only there for a few minutes, leaving books and toys in the process. I keep telling her that Santa's back at the North Pole, but she's nervous anyway. This is a kid who is already potty-trained, but she won't turn 2 until February. But Santa: No way.

Here's hoping Santa didn't scare you this year.


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Blogger Kelly said...

Well looks like you and my other half have a common love of ps2...he got FRWL as well. And the b/o Johnny Cash LOL

4:56 PM, December 29, 2005  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

Tim will have to come over and play the new Call of Duty...

I have bourbon and I'll have beer, as long as he brings Johnny Cash. I have that, too.


5:20 PM, December 29, 2005  

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