Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Saint Returneth

The Saint is home. All is well. I didn't lose any of the kids.

Best Man and Godfather (a Republican well to the right of Attila the Hun) is giving me a hard time because I'm a former Democratic political consultant but I'm not gloating over our election results. I think he's having trouble with gracious winners.

I'm trying not to blog about politics up here because this is my writing blog. I'm trying to keep my writing career separate from the other work I do. Sorry, BMAG. This blog would be a lot more interesting if I unloaded once in a while. And I have. Once in a while.

But there's too much work to be done. I don't have time to gloat. Plus, the new House Speaker and new Senate Majority Leader said we shouldn't gloat. So I won't.

Right now, I'm just glad the Saint is home.


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Anonymous BMAG said...

Perhaps you should share that email you sent me earlier, you know the one where you claimed Speaker Pelosi was on the line...followed by your repetative proclamation at how wonderful Speaker Pelosi sounded. Not sure if that was gloating or not, let your readers decide.

By the way, I shared that message one of my other D friends. (Yes, I have two D friends and that makes me ecumenical.) Anyway, he said that he couldn't hold a candle to that and he gloated pretty hard in his own right. But he at least waited until the afternoon before he sent his gloating email. And he is from Ohio, where he now owns the State House and a US Senate seat.

So I'm saying its okay to gloat. I work for a bipartisan lobbying/consulting firm. Now its time the D's on our staff to get out front and earn their keep. I'll put my feet up and wait.

Enjoy the power, let the 08 games begin!

11:27 PM, November 12, 2006  

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