Tuesday, March 06, 2007

30 Chapters Down

Now that I've reiterated that the Saint is a hottie, here's a quick update on the novel. When last we discussed it, I was holding steady at 85,000 words. (It was actually 83, 271, but who's counting?)

I wrote all weekend. I wrote last night. I wrote tonight. I'm now sitting atop 92,000 words.

You know that rush you get when you're reading a good book, nearing the end, and tying up loose ends? I'm there. The only difference is that I'm putting the words onto the page instead of reading them. This is more fun, because instead of guessing how the story will conclude, I already know.

Not done yet, but if I stay on this pace, I'll finish by the end of March.

On another note, remember that bolognese I mentioned two posts ago? It's exquisite. Stop by. I have leftovers.


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