Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Promises Made

This is a provocative, important column. If you've been following my posts here, on Twitter, and on Facebook, you know that I agree in part with the arguments in this column, and that I disagree in part with the arguments in this column.  (For a deeper discussion, see this post to start the conversation.  This one is a follow-up to the original.)

I refuse to categorize all Trump supporters as racists, bigots, haters and sexists. Trump's voters had reasons for supporting him. Among my friends and family, I count a fair number of Trump voters. My friends and family are not racists, bigots, haters or sexists.

There's a difference between blaming Trump voters for their votes and holding them accountable for their votes. Our new President is now actually trying to implement all the policies that he said he would implement. Turns out that unlike a great deal of political speech, best termed as a large number of promises and a small number of actions, this guy actually wants to do what he said he would do.

That was my fear all along.