Friday, June 08, 2012


OK, not really.  This isn't a placeholder.  This is an actual update.  But who knows when I'll update again?

It's been more than 4 and a half years since I suspended blogging.  (That's Springsteen shows 13-19, if you're scoring at home.)

I interrupt this blog hiatus to announce that Oldest Son has graduated from high school.  (He was in eighth grade when you last read about him here.)  He'll be attending St. Louis University in August.  We'll celebrate his epic new adventure with a Springsteen concert at Fenway (which will make 20 Boss shows for me and two for Oldest Son).

I think the late, great Nick Alicino would be happy to hear this.

The Saint, Middle Child and Daughter are all doing well, too, and I have a great deal to share about all of them.  Soon, I hope.

But back to Oldest Son, for a moment, if you'll continue to indulge a proud father.  I last wrote about him in detail here, on his 14th birthday.

Everything I said then remains true today, and truest of all is the punch line from that birthday card:

Thanks for being a son your parents can brag about.

Love you, Buddy.


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