Monday, December 11, 2006

Miracles, Minor and Otherwise

Several months back, on the old version of blogger, I mentioned my friend Gib, his wife Abby, and their new baby, Ellie. Because of the wonders of Blogger beta, that post no longer exists, but you'll remember, it's the only time I've suggested a prayer on this blog.

Gib has been a friend for several years. (Abby is also a delight.) Gib and I worked together for almost three years in my prior incarnation as a political consultant. We've talked baseball, shared some meals and downed more than a few beers together (while Gib taught me more than I needed to know about herring, striped bass, scallops, cod, flounder, haddock, and other fish-type creatures).

Back in April, they had Ellie. She's beautiful. She had a couple of medical issues. Enough that Gib and Abby:
  • Sold their house in Connecticut
  • Abby quit her job
  • They moved to Boston
  • They lived at Children's Hospital for almost 8 months
  • They blogged about it (see The Short Gut News) so other parents who had kids with similar conditions would know they weren't alone....
Gib and Abby are two of the strongest people I know. Their blog, by the way, is up for an award--I've always been into rigging polls, so click here and throw a vote or two to The Short Gut News. I've stuffed the ballot box from two servers and I'm heading for a third.

Today, 8 months after her birth, Gib and Abby brought their little girl home.

I have a little girl (and two wonderful boys). I never imagined waiting 8 months to bring her home from the hospital. I cannot comprehend giving up my job, selling my house and moving to another state for the sake of my kids. I mean, I'd do it, but they did it. They never thought twice about it.

An amazing story about some amazing people.

God Bless, Brogans. You earned it. By the way: Welcome home.


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