Friday, March 09, 2007

Diapers and Other Hazards of Parenthood

So, y'all know my friend Dave Guarino by now. He has a daily, must-read blog for political junkies, rock and roll fans, and, well, anybody who wants to see the seamy underbelly where press and politics intersect. Dave and I had lost touch for a while. I left politics just as he left the Herald to become a press secretary.

We've gotten reacquainted now that he and I are both blogging (in Dave's case, again).

Dave's wife Heidi also blogs about the travails of working mothers. She's invited other working mothers to offer up guest posts.

Dave and Heidi were lamenting their oldest son's lack of potty training progress. Perhaps because the Saint and I have potty trained three kids, or more likely because I got shit all over my hands working in politics for ten years, I offered up some unsolicited advice.

Today, the Working Mom's Blog has a guest post from a Working Dad.

Go on over and say hi to Heidi. You'll end up hooked.


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