Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baseball Season

Last year, I coached Oldest Son's baseball team. I had as much fun as the kids did. This year, I was beyond thrilled when Middle Child asked me to coach his team. I'm working with two great guys who really know how to coach. As coaches, we're lucky to have great kids, with great parents, always involved, always willing to help during practices. Since we already knew some of the parents, Daughter and the Saint have fun, too.

Baseball and spring go so well together. Our opening day parade and first game are Saturday. I think my mother will be around to see those, too.

In other news, the Saint's new computer is here. It's not a Mac, so I don't have computer envy. But I'll admit it's pretty sweet. Maybe now she'll write that book she's always wanted to write.
Seth Gitell and I had a great discussion about politics over lunch today. Made me think that Seth's about to break out a best-seller. He's close. As a journalist and a former press secretary, with a law degree to boot, he has one of the sharpest political minds in the country. If a campaign doesn't snap him up, he'll write a definitive book about this election cycle.

And my book... I'm three scenes away from the end. I could finish tomorrow. Perhaps Thursday. But soon. Very, very soon.

I'm not even stressed about it. It's baseball season. Hope springs eternal.


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