Friday, August 31, 2007

The First Single

Not that I want to, but I can't stop playing the first cut from the new Springsteen album. "Radio Nowhere" is a flat-out adrenaline rush.

Like any great Bruce song, I hear a bunch of different musical influences in there (REM and even a bit of Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) the Reaper", for starters), and still I conclude, with its nearly perfect lyrics and its references to cars, radio, and highways, that only Bruce could have written it.

The song is an instant classic. Just a lyrical stunner. Vintage Bruce paired with a raw, almost distorted rock and roll sound.

My first thought was that this is a full-blown seventies rocker... but listen to the distortion. It's wrapped up in a little 90s grunge, no?

As if you'll need any more proof that this is a spectacular Springsteen song, on par with anything in his canon, I offer you my three most favorite lines:

" I want a thousand guitars
I want pounding drums
I want a million different voices speaking in tongues"

You tell me... if you saw those three lines on paper... could anyone else have written them? I suppose we'd forgive you if you shouted, "Bono!" But honestly, if you read those lyrics, you'd say, "Bono or Bruce." Right away, without even needing Option C.

To top it off, there's a reference to "Mystery Train." And, in the exact spot where you'd expect it, Clarence has a short, driving sax solo that punches the afterburners and sends the song hurtling into the stratosphere.

I downloaded the song free from iTunes. It's been my sole soundtrack since Tuesday, and here's the thing, I just can't help myself. As soon as it ends, I play it again.

I find myself wondering aloud what the late, great Nick Alicino would have thought of this one.


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Blogger skinke said...

I'm so with you. I've been listening non-stop since Tuesday. To top it all off, I managed to get tickets for the Oslo show on the 4th of December! The tickets (8500 of them) sold out in 6 minutes. Good luck in your ticket hunt:)

5:48 AM, September 03, 2007  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

Hey, Graeme--

Feel like hosting a house guest on December 4?

I'm all over that.


10:12 AM, September 03, 2007  
Blogger skinke said...

You'd be more than welcome Adam, although you might be disappointed:) I live a 40 minute flight from Oslo and I only have one ticket...that one's for me!

9:05 AM, September 04, 2007  

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