Friday, January 13, 2006

Is He or Isn't He?

The news section at Backstreets now has a partial transcript of the Alito hearings from the New York Times. Backstreets links to the full transcript, by the way.

Here's the cut and paste:


As reported below, Supreme Court
nominee Samuel Alito can be counted as a Springsteen fan. The subject of the
Boss actually came up in this week's confirmation hearings, in this exchange
with Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois on January 11:

DURBIN: Let me ask you, if I might, to reflect on a couple other
things. You're a Bruce Springsteen fan?

ALITO: I am to some degree, yes.
[Emphasis mine.]

DURBIN: I guess most people in New Jersey would be. They should be.

ALITO: There was a movement some time ago -- we don't have an official
state song and there was a movement to make "Born to Run" our official state
song. But it didn't quite make it.

DURBIN: We'll stick with Lincoln in Illinois, but I can understand your
commitment to Bruce Springsteen. They once asked him: How do you come up with
the songs that you write and the characters that are in them? And he said, I
have a familiarity with the crushing hand of fate. It's a great line. I want to
ask you about the crushing hand of fate in several of your decisions....

Yesterday, I thought Alito had at least 3 redeeming qualities.

#3: He likes cheesesteak.
#2: He likes firearms.
#1: He likes Bruce.

That mealy-mouthed response means we can cross the most important reason to like Sam Alito right off the list. Nobody is a Springsteen fan "to some degree." Either he is, or he isn't.

My guess: He's trying to appease the liberals. Sorry, Sam. It almost worked, but the folks at Backstreets caught you.

Next time, make up your mind. To some degree.


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Blogger Lisa S. said...

Thanks for the cheer-up on the blog. The unemployment blues will pass as the writing kicks into gear. Hope you don't mind if I link to you from my blog.

And reading this I am feeling the need put on some Springsteen. Maybe crank "No Surrender" up to Eleven on the speakers and scare the neighbors

"She was always so quiet, never bothered anyone" they said to the newpapers.

9:09 PM, January 13, 2006  
Blogger Adam Hurtubise said...

Hey, Lisa. I think I missed this one.

"No Surrender" cranked up as high as it will go is one of my favorite experiences in the world.


9:31 PM, April 28, 2006  

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