Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Next Step in the Process

That manuscript I've been editing?

It's on its way to New York right now. I cut almost 15,000 words between Draft 1 and Draft 3. It's a lot tighter, with more punch in the plot.

Hopefully, my agents will love it as much as they loved the preview they saw several months ago. I'll share their feedback when I have it.

Now that baseball is over and the manuscript is on its way to the big city, the Saint and I are about to make a quick trip to Cooperstown. Oldest Son, Middle Child and Daughter are spending Grandchildren's Week with... (follow me, here...) their Grandparents.

On our agenda, quality time with: Lt. Ed Novak, his wife and children; the Great Jim Atwell and his wife, Anne; my Grandmother the rock star; my parental types and various members of my extended family; and other friends and family who are dear to us (you don't generally read about them on this blog).

The Saint is off studying Falstaff right now. She's in a concrete building with no air conditioning and no screens in the windows. She has to choose between heat with bugs or heat without bugs. If it were up to me (it isn't), I'd choose to cut class.

It's 94 degrees at 6 in the evening, and we're inside increasing the size of our carbon footprint. Apologies to my environmentalist friends, but when the mercury shatters 90, we start using freon. If it's any consolation, the computer is running on battery power, I'm using a wireless connection right now, and all the electric stuff except the fans and the air conditioner is in the upright and locked... er... "off" position.

But about that manuscript. Have I mentioned that I mailed it today?

I thought so.


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Anonymous jamie ford said...

Congrats on getting it edited and on its way to Miriam! (Must feel great).

10:08 AM, July 03, 2007  

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